Gotta Start Somewhere

So this is my first post here. Like the title says, you’ve gotta start somewhere.

I’m opening this blog up because I’m something of a coward.

You see, I have this fetish that is embarassing. I don’t talk about it with anyone I know because I don’t want it getting around. My friends would never let me live it down and I’d feel like an idiot if everyone knew. So I’ve gotta keep it quiet.

Even so, it’s still something I enjoy so I’d like to have a public outlet where I can feel free enough to talk about it, even if I’m going to hide behind the anonymity of a blog with a false name.

I have a giantess fetish.

I like big girls. Not BBWs, though there is nothing wrong with them. I mean tall, athletic women. 6 feet tall or more. Beautiful and powerful. The more they tower over me the better.

I’m 5’10” tall so most girls, even most tall girls don’t quite do it. I like platform high heels since that can help push them above me. The higher the better. I guess I have a bit of a high heels fetish too as a result.

I also like shrinking man fantasies, giantess stories, and drawings of giant women. Fictional stuff like 50 foot tall women terrorizing tiny men. Tall Amazon women destroying male opponents. Cruel dominant women shrinking men down small enough to fit in the palm of their hands. Usually with something of a female domination element to it. Usually I like horror stories under this theme too. Things with a bit of threat and danger.

There isn’t a lot really dedicated to it online. Mostly the same old nonsense. Variations on the same old pictures. That and japanese anime style stuff but that often looks too goofy-cutsie for me. And my interest in vore is limited. I like it for the horror aspect but I don’t have a fetish for actually being eaten.

Giantess is a weird fetish, I know.

Which is why I don’t tell anyone about it.

– Shrinking Man Mike

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