Giantess Fetish is Weird… I Know

I ended my last post saying “Giantess is a weird fetish, I know… which is why I don’t tell anyone about it.”

I really haven’t, except if you count here and a few other places online, but always done anonymously.

I’ve never shared it with a single girlfriend and I’ve been very careful not to even hint at the possibility, other than it being known I like tall women with long legs.

Nothing about me being aroused by giant women. No acted out stories or role-playing of this fetish with them.

My tallest girlfriend was the same height as me – 5’ 10”. She knew I loved how she looked in high heels and I’d often buy her sexy shoes to wear. I’m sure she knew I had a bit of a shoe fetish but that’s not a big deal. And I didn’t go around licking her shoes or masturbating on them or anything like that. I like them because they make the girl even taller and her legs look even more sexy long.

That’s all they ever knew, though they didn’t know how tall I’d really like to see them grow to become, or that I’d want them to totally overpower and dominate me.

My 5’ 10” girlfriend did think I was a little nuts when I bought her a pair of 7” platform high heels to wear. She thought she would break her ankle in them and she wouldn’t wear them out because she thought they made her look freakishly tall.

She looked incredible in them.

Almost 6’ 6” with these powerful long legs that themselves looked almost as tall as me. They looked like beautiful weapons, all strength and grace. She looked as close to a giantess as I’ve ever been with. She could wrap them around my body and I’d feel so incredible being held by her like that. My cock still gets hard now just thinking about her in them.

But she felt foolish wearing them. She’d put them on when we had sex, but she wouldn’t walk around in them. And even though I wanted to encourage her to do so I knew that if I pushed at all she’d start looking at me like I was some fetish freak. So I only have a few memories of her wearing them, and each is ruined in the end by her either being uncomfortable in them or laughing about wearing them.

I miss my Amazon girlfriend even though she never knew how I saw her.

I know someone will say I should have told her about my giantess fetish. Thing is I have no doubt that if I did I’d still be missing her now. Only that I’d have the added memory of her thinking I was weird. And I’d risk her telling someone.

– Shrinking Man Mike

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