Asian Giantess Picture

Asian Giantess PictureAbout once a week I try searching the net to see if there are any new giantess pictures that I can find. Usually I come up empty since there arent that many to begin with and most that can be found are repeated all over the web.

Today I came across an absolutely amazing Asian giantess picture, probably one that others have seen but this is the first time I’ve had the pleasure to see it.

Its a real life Asian Amazon Goddess, completely destroying a weak little man. She’s physically powerful enough to lift the guy by the neck and hold him suspended in the air. Her legs look like they are about as long as his entire body, and if she had platform high heels on, his face would probably be below her belt if they stood next to each other. And she’s not fat or brutish looking, her body looks like it’s totally in proportion to her amazing height. A beautiful giant woman with fantastic curves and breathtaking long limbs.

She is obviously a perfect example of an absolute dominant woman, one who can not only enslave a man through her beauty and superior will, but can also physically overpower any male foolish enough to disobey her.

If anyone can tell me the name of this beautiful Asian giantess I would much appreciate it. Feel free to add a comment in reply to this post with any info you have.

Even more, if anyone could direct me to more giantess pictures of her I would be most thankful.

– Shrinking Man Mike

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